Grants and Funding coordinates the pursuit of grants with BETF and other sources. This department is also responsible for submission of two grants per quarter in support of student services.

Department Objectives:

  • The Grants and Funding Department was introduced in January 2010 with the primary mission to research, propose and secure funding for the National High School Computer Competition (H.S.C.C.) program. The program is currently funded by a combination of private and corporate donations. However, we, like many other non-profit organizations, are acutely aware that during this time of economic volatility, it is prudent to investigate additional funding avenues. Therefore, our current priority is to secure the funding necessary to ensure the continuation of this outstanding program.
  • The department’s long-term goal is to also secure funding to support other BDPA Chicago Chapter programs to assist displaced and self-employed IT Professionals, increase interest in IT careers among underrepresented minorities and provide computer literacy training to local residents.

We are working closely with the BDPA Education Technology Foundation (BETF) and are confident that with their assistance and the support of our membership, we will meet, and hopefully exceed, our Department funding goals.